Life Lessons

The month of February has brought many winds of change and life lessons to us.

Life is not a constant stream of perfect rainbows.

We faced two deaths in a matter of two weeks.

One of a long living great, great aunt from my side and the other of an unexpected suicide of a dear cousin to my husband. These deaths have brought room for many emotions, conversations and reflection for everyone.

Questions and thoughts on age and aging, physical health, mental health, depression, life, love and family.

It doesn’t seem right to post about our various homeschool activities without mentioning the impact that this has had on everyone.

Times like these can bring sadness and questions, but it also gives space for reconnection. It was wonderful to see the children reconnect with family that they had not seen in a long time and have the time to get to know others better.

They strengthened bonds and built new ones.

That’s what “socialization” is really about, is it not?

Rest in Peace Archie.

Rest in Peace Aunt Velma.

Great Great Aunt Velma

Great Great Aunt Velma