Their Secret Place

Our home forest

Our home forest


I read an article about a year ago about a family that unschools. We Don’t Need No Education was the title. Their approach was quite free. Their two sons spent the majority of everyday outside roaming the woods surrounding their home. They seemed to have very minimal if any academic “school” time. Their education was purely child led, independent, outdoors. The boys had breakfast, did their chores, then went outside by themselves exploring until the end of the day. The boys started learning to read when they were ready. They sounded like true outdoorsmen and had what seemed absolute freedom.

I have found that every family’s true definition of unschooling differs. It fits each family in their own unique way.

To me unschooling is defined as allowing personal freedom, choice, and expression in learning. Allowing learning in real life, without scheduled traditional structures that are routinely followed. Where interests are followed.

I thought about this article today because with the weather becoming much warmer, so many days have been purely outdoors. This morning both kids have been off on their own in the woods by our home. Playing, building, eating snacks, creating their own world. I can see their heads and colored shirts through the trees from where I sit outside. I can hear their voices. They are content that it is just them.

My husband told me today how Carl Jung talked about children’s desire and actions in the need to create their own “secret space.” It is a place for their “spirit” to go. I see that in the boys in the article. I see that in my children as well. As I look around, I wonder if we do enough of that for our kids? Allow them to be free, to be outside, and create their own spaces? A space their spirit can be free, and undisturbed from the “order” and chaos of adults?

I see the importance. I wonder if that is what happens to us as adults? Did we develop that secret place when we were young? If so, can we still find it? Do you go there?

A “secret” space where our spirit resides.

If you look hard enough, you may see a dog, and one of my children's heads poking through the bushes.

If you look hard enough, you may see a dog, and one of my children’s heads poking through the bushes.

2 thoughts on “Their Secret Place

  1. Monica ribertson says:

    Beautifully written, Robyn. I definitely had that secret place when I was a child. It has remained with me my entire life; it is my place of refuge and retreat. When I need tranquility and peace I call it up and revel in its •space•. It became more than a memory, more than a thought because the space itself continues to envelope me and It always brings me peace.

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