Angle It

New season, new life, new change.

There have been so many great things happening. We have been enjoying the moments and I have not stopped to write about any of it. So like a new season, a new start, I am starting to post again.

This week has been what I call a week of math. I have not decided that. My kids have, of course. I just go with it.

A short while back my father-in-law introduced my son to angles. What they are, how they are different, and how we can measure them. He really enjoyed the impromptu lesson.

This week he decided that he wanted to learn more about angles and practice making them. So that is what we have been doing. As I am sure most homeschooling parents will find, homeschool is not a lesson for the kids as so much a lesson for the parents.

Geometry Fun

Geometry Fun

So here I am, enjoying geometry again because of my son.

He brought out his protractor and paper. (We could not locate a compass yet)

He drew lines and vertexes. I did the same. He measured them and learned how to correctly record the angles on paper with the angle sign. We talked about circumference, and how a circle is 360 degrees. He knew what a 90 degree angle was, but joined the connection of 90 degrees to 180 degrees to 360 degrees. He noted that once the circle was drawn 90 degrees divided it into 4 quarters.

Without a compass he used a cup to draw his circle

Without a compass he used a cup to draw his circle

And he kept wanting to go further.

We talked about and drew right angles, reflex angles, and obtuse angles. The difference between diameter, and radius.

Different Kinds of Angles

Different Kinds of Angles

He likes to make his angles into chomping crocodiles

He likes to make his angles into chomping crocodiles

We discussed geometry in nature. How a honeycomb fits together perfectly. All the cells are the same hexagon shape. Or the bearings on a compass. We use degrees to measure navigation, starting with zero degrees which represents North.

He wanted to expand into shapes and drew triangles, cubes, and pyramids.

3D sketches

3D sketches

I am refreshing my vocabulary. Equilateral triangles, isosceles triangles and scalene triangles. He drew each triangle and checked the sides and angles to make sure they add up to the correct amount. ( All 3 angles must equal 180 degrees in a triangle )

He also played with interactive triangles. The website has been a great interactive resource.

Triangles, Triangles

Triangles, Triangles

It was a math week for all

It was a math week for all. Zahra was focused on subtraction. 

This has been our last few days. And as I type, he sits beside me still drawing angles.


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