So much has been happening since our last post before Christmas.

With January come and gone, so has our half year review with the school that we are registered with as homeschoolers.

The school review always has me at odds to start with.

This year we are registered with a wonderful, independent school in Edmonton. Progressive Academy. They are very helpful, informative, and supportive to our open style of homeschooling. Our province of Alberta thankfully provides a great amount of freedom, options and support for homeschoolers. I say this based on our life in Jamaica, South Korea and the experiences told to me from homeschool friends from various countries.

When it comes to this time of year so many emotions run through me. First, as with so many things, I leave it until the last minute. So there is always the stress of time crunch.

Then comes the next question. Are my kids learning enough? As much as I understand that we do a lot, and the kids are continuously learning, there is still doubt that can creep into my mind.  I have been conditioned by so many years of traditional schooling and what is acceptable by the mainstream that going away from the traditional approach is not easy. (But it is fun)

February Snow Fort in -30 Celcius

February Snow Fort in -30 Celcius

Then we get down to work. I try and go through it with my son (my daughter cannot be registered until she turns 6) but it can be a huge time intensive process, and with the volume of information he has a hard time sitting through the whole process.

Volume of information.

I say this because when I do get down to it, my worry about “do we do enough” changes to “Oh my god, there is SO much that we have done!”

But the big thing that happens each time I do their portfolios is that I question why am I doing this? Does this really matter?

Part of the reason why we homeschool is to have the freedom to choose. Choose what we like and feel is best for us. Without having to measure up to imposed standards.

So inadvertently, the process brings me to a new space that allows me to re-look at why we homeschool and how we are homeschooling. Re-evaluate the reasons and meaning it has for our family.

Freedom, space and love.

Spending time with my family. Really getting to know my children.

Freedom to travel and learn more about the world.

Signs of Spring at our Seoul Apartment

Signs of Spring at our Seoul Apartment

Signs of Spring at our Seoul Apartment (and some breakfast too?)

Signs of Spring at our Seoul Apartment (and some breakfast too?)

Giving our children the space and freedom to truly have fun and enjoy the learning process.

In the end, my children are happy, they enjoy learning, and have freedom to do so.

They are travellers and have already experienced many places in the world far different from their home country and culture.

They are voracious readers, are curious, ask endless questions and love learning.

They are not stuck in an endless circle of school social status, narrow measurements, or limitations on creativity and exploration.

That’s what matters to us, and that’s what we are doing.

Yes, the process has been beneficial in every way.

Drawing and Creating

Drawing and Creating

Gymnastics Pose in the Snow

Gymnastics Pose in the Snow

Reading By The Fire After Playing In Their Snow Fort

Reading By The Fire After Playing In Their Snow Fort







2 thoughts on “Evaluating

  1. notsoquietmomma says:

    We have our monthly progress meeting today for the school the kids take their extra curricular classes at. I love the school butb hate that every month I have to send in a report AND meet with someone! For years I always just did it on my own. But it is nice to see . How Mich we have learned each month.

  2. Yes, it is nice to see when you look back at it.
    A monthly meet and report! Yes, that can be an extra amount of work for you momma! I commend your dedication.

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