Snow Day

Snowy Day in Novermber

Snowy Day in Novermber

Wow. What a snowy day today. I look out the window at the horizon and I barely see the horizon. It’s hard to tell the difference between the land and the sky – it is a blanket of white.

Here in the cold, white north winter is just that – cold and white but it is beautiful. Being away from a Canadian winter the last 2 years has made me appreciate it more at this present time. It also helps that I don’t have to run out to start the car and get it warmed up, brush off the snow, wake the kids up extra early so we have more time to safely drive to work and school, get our snow gear on, have a good breakfast before heading out in the cold, pack our backpacks, make sure lunches are packed, hair is combed, teeth are brushed…..and the list goes on.

Knowing a storm would be coming today I commented last night about how it would be a good day to stay warm inside, snuggle and read. Ronan immediately said, “great – I think I am going to read all day. Can I do that tomorrow mom?” I smiled, and told him that was a great idea.

The kids have been on a reading kick this month. Ronan is going through books like crazy. My mom had purchased about 10 Geronimo Stilton books for him which he quickly completed, along with starting a few new series that he has taken a liking to. He has asked for the entire Geronimo Stilton book series for Christmas. So if anyone sees a good deal on the 50+ book pack, let me know!

We don’t push certain books for the kids to read. We focus on the fact that when it is family reading time, or individual reading time, they choose what they want to read, or want read to them. We may bring home books, or suggest books we have heard of or seen, but it is up to the kids what they want to choose.

My husband and I both remember a certain author or book series that really lit our fires for reading when we were young. For me it was the author Judy Blume. For my husband it was the Who is Buggs Potter? series.

I was the kid that walked around with a book in my hand. I read in the car, in my room, in the bathroom, at the dinner table. As a homeschooler my husband remembers waking up in the morning, opening his book, and being buried in it the entire day. We both still choose a good book over a movie or TV program.

Zahra’s reading is growing quickly. We have slowly started bringing out a few boxes of books that were in storage when we were travelling the last 2 years. Opening the boxes has been like Christmas for the kids. Ronan is excited to see books again that he loved years ago, and many of the books for Zahra are like new to her because she was so young when we had them. Every night she pulls 2 new books out of a box and sits in bed reading them, or takes them down to the main house to read the next day.

Today in the midst of a big play session with her brother, I noticed Zahra had snuck off. I found her in the playroom (which also doubles currently as my husband’s office). I actually heard her first because she reads to herself out loud. She was sitting in the chair by the window with one of those books.

Zahra Finding A Nook To Read In

Zahra Finding A Nook To Read In

Now these stormy days that I would dread I am instead looking forward too. Not that our lives are crazy busy, but it is again a reminder to appreciate and enjoy the simple things.






6 thoughts on “Snow Day

  1. I always love the looks of snowy days like this. Then, when the first few snows come, I’m excited. But man, after a while, especially after Christmas, I’m ready for it to end.

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